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Posting new ideas throughout 2015 - Feeding Creativity!

Welcome to MoffettcraftArts - a blog that celebrates the creative spirit that exists in all people.

We will showcase artists from the Carolinas, allowing their work to be enjoyed by a larger audience. Artist information and webpages will be available for further contact. 

Moffettcraftarts hosts a summer art camp in the Benson / Four Oaks area and private Art lessons for all ages year round. For more information, contact Laura at 

                              Below is a photo I took while in China in 2008 - 
                It won second place in a professional Photographers juried show. 
                              Laura Moffett Myers


Perhaps my most admired NC Artist is the late Frank Creech, former ART Department Head of JCC in Smithfield, NC. 
Frank was a master potter, painter and foundry artist, creating sculptures that are symbolic in nature.  Examples of Frank's work can be seen in Smithfield - and in the gallery that bears his name on the Johnston County Community College campus.
The Reader

The Rescue

The Cat Holder
Portrait of Frank Creech
on view at the Frank Creech Gallery 
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Roger Blanchard

Roger Blanchard
Roger Blanchard has been an automotive artist for over 20 years, the result of a lifelong love of cars, arts and craft.
“I have been honing my skills since grade school when drawing cars sometimes replaced the math I was supposed to be doing!” says Roger. His interest came from magazines like Rod and Custom and Hot Rod.
His creativity led to an early career as an artisan in silver and enamel before returning to watercolors. Blanchard’s focus on automotive art came through his involvement in sportscar racing. “I’m always inspired by good design and the flawless hand fabrication that goes into many racecars.” Light, reflections and a high degree of realism characterize his artwork.
Featured in Road & Track, Automobile Quarterly, and Automobile magazines, this award-winning artist has created poster art for many concours d’elegance and racing events. A past president of the National Automotive Artists Association, Blanchard’s paintings now hang in many corporate and private collections in the Americas and Europe. 
“My passion is to capture reflections in bodywork or a moment in time. Cars have always been a special part of my life. I like to share that through my artwork.”
Mr. Blanchard uses paint to create such a lifelike image of cars that many of his paintings could pass for a photograph!  Even the most reluctant schoolchild would love to learn how to paint their "dream car..." Roger Blanchard has inspired many of my former students who were not enthusiastic about learning the techniques of Claude Monet or Leonardo DaVinci, but desperately wanted to search this site to paint one of Roger's Cars and learn how to put shadows and reflections on the shiny vehicles...

also -

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This is an amazing, unique artist that I am honored to know .....
Senora Lynch
A Member of the Native Haliwa Saponi Tribe
whose pottery has become a legacy of stories and traditional symbols used to honor the original people of North Carolina !

SeƱora Lynch lives in Hollister, N.C., and is nationally known for her decorative style of 
bi-chrome pottery featuring plant and animal patterns that have significance in Saponi traditions. Lynch uses a special technique of scratching patterns through a white clay surface to reveal the red clay underneath. Many of her works are in American art collections, including the Smithsonian Institution. Her development and concerns as a tribal artist are the subject of a book, The Contemporary Southeastern Indian Pottery of Haliwa-Saponi Artist, Senora Lynch by Christopher Everett, published by the University of Richmond Press in 1994.
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An artist I met at Jerry's Artarama was demonstrating acrylic inks and her techniques - Very inspiring! 

Lou Ann Overman

Pikeville, NC - United States
Lou Ann Overman - Fine Artist
"Lou Ann Overman was born in NC and has always lived down east. The beauty of the rural south and the NC coast has captivated her heart and birthed a love for the simple things of life. Her paintings are bright and lighthearted like her personality. She paints what she knows and loves. A glimpse of Lou Ann's life is easy to see through her art. The Intercostal Waterway and beaches of NC are her favorite painting subjects. Carolina fruit, vegetables, flowers, and fences are captured in living color. Antiques and the forgotten are painted to reveal the beautiful character that comes with time. Family and friends, memories and moments are captured and preserved through her watercolors, pastels and acrylics."
Her blog site :